Insigne advises inventors, business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs to make the most of business opportunities nationally and globally. We facilitate commercial transactions, help our clients avoid legal problems through proactive measures, and lay the groundwork for profitable enterprises.

Insigne provides advice and services in matters involving: formation of corporations, limited liability companies, nonprofits, and other business entities; corporate governance issues; drafting and review of contracts; business acquisition, mergers and sales; labor and employment law; and other business law matters.

The form of business chosen for a business entity potentially affects every aspect of its operations. The attorneys in Insigne’s business and corporate law practice offer extensive experience in designing and assessing the structure and legal affairs of corporations, partnerships, and other entities. We also counsel our clients in corporate strategy and planning, including shareholder rights, officer and director obligations and duties, required authorization for specific transactions, and other matters involving corporate law.

As your business faces new opportunities, we can provide additional assistance on an as-needed or general counsel basis. Insigne can assist you throughout the business growth cycle, helping you prosper and overcome challenges.

Insigne formed and currently represents Defenders of the American Dream LLC (DAD), a Nevada limited liability company that licenses patented technology. DAD supports the proper functioning of the United States patent system and helps innovators achieve the promise of a reward for their inventive labors. If inventors believe that the patent system is stacked against them and will suffer efficient infringement, less patentable innovation will be created. Without legal security in stable and effective patent rights, venture capitalists will not invest in inventors or startups, and the innovation economy will suffer as a whole.