Our Story

Insigne PC began as the unification of extraordinary and elite intellectual property attorneys who are known to be not only masters in litigation, patent and trademark prosecution, and IP licensing, but easy to work with and entrepreneurs themselves. Unlike other firms, Insigne professionals value collaboration and being up-to-speed on every client matter no matter how big or small. Our attorneys are available day or night and want clients to enjoy the process.


To deliver superior quality legal services that our clients prefer, value, and enthusiastically recommend to their peers and colleagues.
To be a law firm that inspires and develops innovative legal solutions that our attorneys and professionals are proud to deliver.


To help innovators and entrepreneurs achieve the promise of a reward for their labor and to support the intellectual property’s proper functioning. If our clients believe that the system is stacked against them and will suffer efficient infringement, less innovation will be created. Without legal security in stable and effective IP rights, venture capitalists will not invest in inventors or startups, and the innovation economy will suffer as a whole.


Client Commitment – We develop relationships that make a difference.
Quality – We provide outstanding, high-quality service on time and under budget.
Integrity – We strive to uphold the highest legal and ethical standards.
Teamwork – We work together, across boundaries, to deliver outstanding legal services.
Respect for People – We value our people, encourage their development, and reward their performance.
Good Citizens – We are good citizens in the communities where we live and work.
Committed to Winning – We strive to provide superior results for our clients at all times.
Accountable – We are personally accountable for delivering on these values.